Thursday, September 27, 2012

         ALLAH's and MUHAMMAD's name on FISH.

   My family is a pet lover. From last 7 years we are having aquarium in our house and we use to get lots of fish from a local market. Many of them normally often die or die during fight one another. A year ago we have got a new pair of a blue Grammy fish. Actually that was a Great Gift from Almighty Allah to this sinful. At that time there was no sign then but few months later the sign became clear. 
    (before 7 months) One day I was alone in the room and looking at fish and got surprise to read the word "MASHALLAH" and then I noticed carefully that was "ALLAH" written on the fish. I am really gifted by Almighty Allah, I am full of happiness. 
    The most interesting part is what I found in the same fish . I can never forget about that day (27nth night of Ramadan) when after praying I was just thinking that today is the most important day of the whole year. How could I express that moment, I was thinking Allah's Rahmah that he led me toward him and made me 5 time praying person, my eyes were wet and I was looking at the fish where the word "MA ALLAH" was written. At that moment when fish turned other side I was astonished to see the word "MUHAMMAD" on this side of the same fish. I just suddenly called SUBHANALLAH!!! and did sajda to my Almighty Allah. 

Same day I decided to share it among my friends and co-workers. The great pet fish who always live in the water still living with me.



(Videos will be uploaded INSHALLAH SOON.)